Established in Melbourne, 2007


February 2010
Speaker: Shirley Reeder on The Impostor Phenomenon
Bible Bite: Julianne Pohlner on Leah – Farmer Wants a Wife!, Genesis 29
Tita’s Snack

May 2010
Speaker: Martina Sonneveld on To Plan or Not to Plan - That is the Question
Bible Bite: Deepa Mathews on Sapphira– The Truth, the Truth and nothing but the Half-Truth!, Acts 5
Tita’s Snack

August 2010
Speaker: Jenny George on Upstairs/Downstairs - Servant Leadership
Bible Bite: Anne Winckel on The Great Debate– Prominent Women For & Against Jesus, Acts 13 & 17
Tita’s Snack: Follow the Leader

October 2010
Speaker: Sue Stott on Finishing Well - A Risky Business
Bible Bite: Aimee Kinda on Rebekah– Taking Risks in Faith, Genesis24: 42-58
Tita’s Snack: Risk and finishing well: not for the half- hearted


April 2010
Tita Cook: “De-Cloud And See The Bigger Picture In Your Life”

July 2010
Tita Cook, Dianne Martin & Martine Wilson: “Stepping Outside the Box - Making a Difference in Life”

September 2010
Tita Cook: “Relationships vs Work - Who is Winning?” Postponed until 2011

December 2010
Glenise Dedrick: “Cry of the Heart - Reflections of a Community Chaplain in the Bushfire Region”

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