Established in Melbourne, 2007


February 2008
Personal Bite Amanda Carruthers on Balancing the Juggling Act.
Bible Bite Anne Winckel: Wet–Nursing – a very Female Profession (Exodus 1&2)
Professional Bite Merilyn Hill: Setting Priorities & Achieving Outcomes.

April 2008
Personal Bite Deepa Mathews on Bullying in the Workplace.
Bible Bite Amanda Carruthers: Bullying in the Promised Land (Genesis 16)
Professional Bite Merilyn Hill: Being Frozen Out.

June 2008
Personal Bite Diane Spicer on You want me to do WHAT? Where to draw the line.
Bible Bite Anne Winckel : Money Love & Widows – the Jesus Approach (Mark 12)

August 2008
Personal Bite Tita Cook on Me A Control Freak?
Bible Bite Merilyn Hill: Rahab Readings (Matthew, Hebrews, Joshua & James)
Professional Bite Deepa Mathews: How to work with a boss who is a control freak?

October 2008
Personal Bite Anne Winckel on Navigating Your Accidental Career
Bible Bite Aimee Kinda: Ruth: a Romantic Comedy (Ruth 1)
Professional Bite Deepa Mathews: What to do when forced out of your comfort zone?

December 2008
Personal Bite Christina Wilson on Thriving in Uncertain Times – How to Lead the Way
Bible Bite Julianne Pohlner: Esther: Walking the Fine Line at Work (Esther 2 & 4)
Professional Bite Merrilyn Hill on Being prepared for uncertainty – Goals for 2009

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