Established in Melbourne, 2007


February 2007
Personal Bite Leeanne Sharp on Seeing Invisible Chains; Confessions of an Addict.
Bible Bite Anne Winckel: Women, Commerce & the God Perspective (Prov 31)
Professional Bite Merilyn Hill: Dealing with a manager who is a bully.

April 2007
Personal Bite Fiona Krelle on Making Minutes Count; Time Management for the Working Woman.
Bible Bite Anne Winckel: Desperate Housewives & the God Perspective (Luke10:38-42)
Professional Bite Merilyn Hill: Meeting deadlines – being out of time and having client pressures.

May 2007
Personal Bite Samantha Marks on Overcoming Fear to Reach your Potential.
Bible Bite Ruth McIntosh: Outsiders & the God Perspective (John 4)
Professional Bite Merilyn Hill: Transcending failure in the workplace.

June 2007
Personal Bite Julianne Pohlner on Woman in a Man’s World.
Bible Bite Anne Winckel : Selling Purple & the God Perspective (Acts 16)
Professional Bite Merilyn Hill: Dealing with grief / death in the workplace.

August 2007
Personal Bite Kara Smith on Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace.
Bible Bite Anne Winckel : Trouble at the Top – Abigail’s Response (1Sam25)
Professional Bite Merilyn Hill: Being taken by surprise – outside our comfort zone – by unforeseen demands.

October 2007
Personal Bite Merilyn Hill on Signposts on the Career Journey.
Bible Bite Lydia Kinda: Anna – Retirement or Reinvention? (Luke 2)
Professional Bite Sue Stott: How to deal with disengaging from the workplace? Should we always follow our passions?

December 2007
Personal Bite Claire Pizzey on Ordinary Women; Extraordinary Lives.
Bible Bite Aimee Kinda: Mary: An Unexpected Career Direction (Luke 1)
Professional Bite Merilyn Hill: Christmas in the workplace – how to show Christian significance at Christmas time?

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