Established in Melbourne, 2007


The vision of the Soul Food Breakfast Club is to empower women in the marketplace to make a difference.

The purpose of the group is to create an environment where business and professional women can develop personally, spiritually and professionally.

The Soul Food Breakfast club aims to:

  • Nourish, enrich, inspire and challenge business and professional women personally
  • Connect business and professional women and provide opportunities for their networking and support
  • Provide a forum where we can present the experiences and reflections of business and professional women
  • Facilitate the exploration of what God has to say about women, work, and the issues we encounter.
  • Provide opportunities for women to encounter God, and to be equipped to be positive influencers in the marketplace
Watch this space for future events, or contact a committee member on 0434 043 687

Soul Food Breakfast Club is built on a "3Ps" principle that aims to:

  • Acknowledge Christ’s Presence
  • Share the Pressures
  • Pursue the Purpose