Established in Melbourne, 2007


The Soul Food Breakfast Club was launched when a group of Christian business and professional women started gathering regularly to focus on some of the things that busy working people easily forget.

In 1994 in Adelaide, South Australia, a group of Christian professional women found a common cause of concern in the lack of meaningful dialogue between the churches and professional women. In order to provide a forum in which professional women could meet for challenging, inspiring and encouraging discussion, the group Beyond the Glass Ceiling (BTGC) emerged. BTGC in South Australia coordinates regular functions where Christian professional women share on topics of interest to the audience of business and professional women.

The original convenor of BTGC relocated to Melbourne and subsequently linked up with a number of women of like mind. In 2005 a number of professional women met and discussed the idea of launching BTGC in Melbourne. Over time this idea evolved into the launch of the Soul Food Breakfast Club in February 2007.

The Soul Food Breakfast Club was initially the Business & Professional Women’s arm of the AMC’s Integrated Leadership Group (which is now known as Arrow).

Currently there are business and professional women in other Australian states who are considering launching other branches of the Soul Food Breakfast Club in their cities. Enquiries about interstate affiliations can be made with the Convenor of the Soul Food Breakfast Club.

Watch this space for future events, or contact a committee member on 0434 043 687